While Branislav Ivanovic goes down to put Antonio Conte in agony, the news of rapid improvement in the condition of Kurt Zouma would relieve the coach as the France international hopes not to remain out for more than 60 days now.

Ivanovic was looking to win back the fans after losing some of them courtesy a below average PL season. However, now, it’s all uncertain for him as someone might grab his place during the time he recovers.

Zouma, on the other hand, was in form and had held the back line together. He was one of the favourite defenders of Guus Hiddink who deployed him as centre back in most of the games in his reign before the youngster injured himself quite awfully which ended the possibilities of him playing his first major tournament for his nation.

Zouma doesn’t curse his luck too much for getting injured at the wrong time and believes if one plays the game, he has to be ready for injuries as injuries can happen at any time.

In Zouma’s words, “Having a positive standpoint really helps. You can’t be getting depressed thinking ‘Oh I missed an opportunity of playing a major’, you just have to be motivated to go through the recovery and gain more and more strength.”

“It’s not that this is something only I have faced. Many Footballers are victims of such injuries or even worse, but, it’s your perspective, how you take the situation, whether you let it get you down or get you motivated.”

“I try to be cheerful even when I am battling an injury. A joke here and there with mates, a bit of a giggle and it really keeps you positive and that’s what I want, only positivity.”

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