Everton To Bid For Krul

Everton has joined the race for getting the players they want.

Their interest currently lies in Tim Krul. Ronald Koeman is a long term fan of Krul and he wishes to get the player for his goal keeping skills. You might have seen Krul in his goal keeper position as he has been a constant figure for Newcastle United and adhered to the training sessions as was required of him. The transfer market coming alive will certainly see Krul was part of a tug of war. His current team would probably be resisting his transfer while Everton would be looking to place a lucrative bid for the player. Their interest is not without purpose. The new boss of the team, Ronald Koeman would be looking at Krul as he has great admiration for his skills.

The current goal keeper, Tim Howard would be moving out soon while Krul, of Dutch origin, had sustained a knee injury which kept him out of international duty for most of the season. Hence, Krul would certainly be wooed by Everton who needs to have a replacement for the goalkeeper position. Koeman is also a fan of Krul’s playing skills. With Toffees are the new goalkeeper coach, Goodison Park should prove to be comfortable training ground for Krul. These are some of the pointers being offered as bait for Krul. Two years ago, things were different and Tim filled the role of a goalkeeper for Everton just fine. Today, Howard would be moving to Colorado Rapids and hence, the position has opened up for someone like Krul. However, the lawyer is still serving his contract with Newcastle that will continue for another year. Krul has been ambitious as well and even changed his agent to improve his chances, but the knee injury kept him out of circulation.

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