Luis Suarez Bites Branislav Ivanovic

Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Luis Suarez Bites Branislav Ivanovic

  1. csanchezcuba says:

    gay pice of shit biting males.

  2. PlexiiarFX - Intros for only €5! says:

    He did it again to Italy? What’s wrong with him?

  3. Dukester OneRepublic says:

    U should be band for flipping ever u meanie *!!!

  4. Александар Димитријевић says:

    Suarez is sick monkey !

  5. trisha60 says:

    is he not being fed at home??????????

  6. Heskey For The Win ! says:

    Doesn’t his wife cook him food ? 

  7. Sotroteus says:

    He’s that type of person that you just wanna smack. Sad that Italy lost
    because of this baffoon.

  8. Hinata says:

    he looks like a rat, why not bite?

  9. CroWen493 says:

    He did it again 

  10. BlackwoodCompany says:

    Why he did not get a red card was unforgivable. The officiating in that
    game was absolutely disgraceful.

  11. sniperxsakib says:

    So wat if he bit someone… Wen u get frustrated dnt u do wierd stuff i do
    and so does suarez…. Y should he get bamned… I bite people on the pitch
    but i dont get banned

  12. Dennis Kurama says:

    He saw meat, not human.

  13. lexie belle says:

    pussy ass nigga

  14. boss la'royale says:

    i think he bites pussies too -_- ?

  15. Liverpool YNWA says:

    I don’t blame any player for hitting another player on a football pitch
    because you never know what happens off camera, you can’t hear what other
    players say to other players and every time something like this occurs, the
    dirty tackles and things like that aren’t remembered or shown. 

  16. Zillertalerwelthass says:

    Isn’t he the same idiot who played hand in the goal in the game against
    Ghana 2010?

  17. vivianaloveable says:

    Later on he will eat the ball o.0 

  18. dilly boy says:

    Think he was hungry

  19. kevin k says:

    tötet es bevor es eier legt !!!! :D

  20. Derrick Addo says:

    i think Suarez shouldn’t be on the news cos he is not guilty

  21. LMFAO Gamez says:

    Crazy ass NIGA hhaah funny

  22. matt baldwin says:

    That is so rude cause I support Chelsea

  23. iliqn yordanov says:

    down boy down lol

  24. ring bak says:

    his teeth are getting stronger and bigger

  25. PeteNeon says:

    Raticate used bite!

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