Alexis Sanchez punches Branislav Ivanovic

Online video Score: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Alexis Sanchez punches Branislav Ivanovic

  1. John Terry says:

    If he was a chelsea player he would be banned by now, but no because he is
    an arsenal player he gets away with it, disgraceful.

  2. Grnvolpe says:

    Ivanovic gets the ball clean but the momentum takes him into Sanchez so he
    pushes him to separate himself and at that point Sanchez swings at him in

    That’s a strong swing to the back of the head and there SHOULD be a
    disciplinary measure because that would have been a red card if the ref saw

  3. MiLSeLrAhC says:

    what an asshole… deserves to lose

  4. Alex Kamau says:

    Ivanovic is a prick. Should have been red carded together with Oscar.
    Stupid negative chelsea….

  5. Miroslav Petrik says:

    Sanchez was lucky that Ivanovic didnt throw punch back :D

  6. lolgetup says:

    wtf, Ivanovic was shoving alexis which was uncalled for, so if u do
    something fucking stupid like that expect a swing… fucking chelsea
    players are all dickheads, honestly, worst team worst fans LOL

  7. zinedine Klitschko says:

    hahaha hahah its like my girlfriend punch i never felt it them coning
    you can see ivanovic didn’t even know that was punch

  8. Nadeem Anam says:

    haha what a weak swing ! sanchez #doyouevenlift bro :D

  9. liam sweetman says:

    Ivanovic didn’t even know he punched him hahaha BEAST. Same old arsenal tho
    SHIT AS FUCK didn’t even get a shot on target.

  10. xLilPuddinTater says:

    the best part is ivanovic didnt even react to the punch lmao

  11. Cameron Malone says:


  12. kevin mallyboo says:

    wtf 5game ban,and wenger for pushing jose

  13. FootballSoGood says:

    fucking sanchez 

  14. NinjaMarketing says:

    Get in there Sanchez!

  15. Nikola Blagojevic says:


  16. jarrod turner-mcmillan says:

    he and arsenal suck balls

  17. The Keen Traveler says:

    What a little prick

  18. sudarshan kailsh says:


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