Branislav Ivanovic – Defending skills 2013/14 |HD

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25 Responses to Branislav Ivanovic – Defending skills 2013/14 |HD

  1. CfCFan99 says:

    Glad to see we have two defensive Serbian beasts in our team 

  2. JL Brading says:

    Anyone know who will replace ivanovic in the long term? Chelsea need a full

  3. мвдукат says:

    Тата мата!!!

  4. George T says:

    Why does everyone think ivanovic is slow just because his fifa stats? If EA
    watched football they would realise this guy can actually run, people are
    always commenting ”oh if he had pace he would be amazing” the guy is
    fast, how often is he outpaced? 

  5. elninobenzema9 says:

    good attacking in this season!

  6. dilsepaki says:

    I think he is weakest link in Chelsea Defense, his crosses sucks, he cant
    run and he always in the attack and never comes back to help the Defense.

  7. rohit nair says:


  8. Merlin Alvarado says:

    Ivanovic is the most underrated defender in the world 

  9. Dandamanen says:

    Best rb in the world.

  10. Nath Kerr says:

    Fucking cunt!

  11. SayNO2Noobidity says:

    Serbian Tank is THE BOSS :DDDDD

  12. Castillo Ricardo says:

    mi segundo idolo de futbol es un crack aguante ivanovic te apoyo desde

  13. Aleksandra B says:

    Ivanovic is an amazing defender!

  14. Largo Jager Winch says:

    Music from clip?

  15. Pedro Bohle Muñoz says:

    if you put some speed on branislav he would be the perfect defender

  16. PaviCerak says:

    2:28 de si poso ti sa tom mojom loptom hahahahaha

  17. CFC Star says:

    quality player one of chelsea’s most reliable performers solid season after
    solid season love iva lol.

  18. Sidney teixeira lopes says:


  19. azamat s says:

    damn what a music,Serbian power.

  20. OXbossify says:

    Love him in RL, my fav. player. Solid, Fast, He scores and he is strong as
    a rock, i dont know :)..And he is defending and works like a nice gur

  21. Swifty Plays says:

    IVANOIVC , BEASTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. LovzaNo says:

    best right back in the game right now , such passion for the game!

  23. aduusch says:

    where is the goal in the Europe League Final?

  24. Ebbe Lightyear says:

    Nice vid :D

  25. AristFilmz says:

    song please ??

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