David Luiz kicking Branislav Ivanović

Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to David Luiz kicking Branislav Ivanović

  1. afro samurai says:

    he fells like he dives after foul lol

  2. Ryan Veyr says:

    0:16 the way he fell! LOLOLOL XD

  3. Ali ATahoo says:

    looool the commentator says andy carroll for 35m is a bargain. what a
    fucking idiot

  4. Dre Dreamer says:

    Ha gayyyyyy lmao . Still love David tho 

  5. iuriSalvador says:

    He didnt kick.. he ”dicked” XD

  6. haweya f. says:

    why’re people getting mad?? they’re celebrating! it was a joke. smh. david
    luiz is one of the best defenders rn, even if the whole world cup fiasco
    happened. it was devastating but cant blame him, he basically worked on
    defense AND midfield since no one did shit but him ad oscar.

  7. yechong zhang says:

    dat surprise butt sex

  8. Fabiano Simiano says:

    0:15 kkkkkkkkkk

  9. Roy Stenson says:

    ha ha ha, the commentator said Andy Carroll was a bargain at £35mil

  10. Celtic Fc Ghirl says:

    Andy carrol is a bargain at £1 thats how bad he is

  11. Maney266 says:

    lmaoooooooo andy caroll bargain at 35 million LOLOL

  12. Shamer Nicholas says:

    lol ivanovie exaggerate the fall..hhaha

  13. Muhd Nabil says:

    Surprise butt sex!!

  14. hamadkhalisadam says:

    Doesnt look like a kick but more of a dry hump :O

  15. Oliver Karlqvist says:

    Kalou kicked by John Obi Mikel at 0:14

  16. SoNe says:

    does it matter it’s a kick or lick?? just shut up,thank you…..

  17. stanazz says:

    whats funnier is Luiz acts like he didn’t do anything and gets away with it

  18. theo filus says:


  19. pr0kick says:

    Ivanovic gets shit all the time,david luiz and then Suarez what’s next?

  20. issa2200 says:

    Hahahahahaha suprise butsexx

  21. xia0b0iix says:

    You wouldn’t say that if he fucks your wife

  22. Fardin Ahmed says:

    where did carrol come from

  23. Ahmad Zikri says:

    Torres is the most happiest man in the world … he’s the king of football
    and the goal machine … every defense scare to stop him … what a player

  24. saaim Ibrahim says:

    Drogba kicked terry

  25. lukimausii says:

    in german its easily called “umwämsen”

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