Branislav Ivanovic – You Make Me Smile :D

Video Ranking: four / 5

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15 Responses to Branislav Ivanovic – You Make Me Smile :D

  1. SlobaGames TV says:

    congratulations for this video high praise !

  2. Misa Spasic says:

    I dont know if im tripping,or does he look like Stifler from American Pie ?

  3. Aleksandar Rikić says:


  4. Marko Moran says:

    What a legend !

  5. TheChabe11 says:

    He is one of my favourite player, not just because I’m Serbian and a
    Chelsea fan, but because of what he does on the field for his team! Such a
    great player! 🙂

  6. Ruslan Guseinov says:

    Бано-няшка..) да уж ,Роналду по-сравнению с Ивановичом ,отдыхает..) Наташа
    молодец ..) видео супер !)

  7. cantsto pnoow says:

    he’s one of the best people of football players

  8. GROBARI WORLD says:

    Bane srbine! Ponosni smo na tebe! 🙂

  9. Celtic Fc says:

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  10. Moon Sun says:

    he have candy ass

  11. Flowsofmischief says:

    needed at least one clip of him sitting on the crossbar

  12. Uros J says:

    for me he is a big star because the natural character

  13. Handy Manny says:

    I am a Liverpool fan, and Ivanovic is my favourite defender!!

  14. Cigani ludaci says:

    Ada nije dzabe Ivanovix <3

  15. KBno14 says:

    beauutiful video ! ( :

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