Branislav Ivanovic needs Team to change their Playing mentality

Branislav Ivanovic reckons his team Chelsea should continue playing with the mentality that they have been playing with all through this 2014-15 Season.

The Chelsea players have been criticized for being over aggressive at times and a couple of them have even been banned.

The latest ban has been suffered by Chelsea’s spearhead striker Diego Costa. He will have to remain out of 3 of the games to be played by the Blues.

The Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho did not take that Costa ban well at all.

According to Mourinho, the Spanish striker could have got away with his act. But, because of the constant pressure of the English press, the FA officials took that decision of imposing the ban.

Mourinho also believes that most of the English media persons don’t like his team and they always have a go at his players for unnecessary reasons.

Ivanovic, though, did not quite echo his manager’s words, but, he did say that there was no need for Chelsea to bring any change in the mentality.

Speaking in an interview, the Serbia international said, “Different players go about their jobs differently. Diego is a fiery character. He always looks for that extra motivation. In fact, we all here at Chelsea play that way.”

“If you are aggressive and have some fire inside you, you would end up playing out of your skin and do more than what you are capable of.”

“Being aggressive is not a wrong thing at all because, it’s the win that you need at the end of the day. Those three points are all that matter. I don’t think there is any change needed in our mentality.”

Chelsea is leading the Premier League table at this point of time with 53 points.

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