Branislav Ivanovic Last Minute Goal – Benfica vs. Chelsea! Euro League Final 2013

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25 Responses to Branislav Ivanovic Last Minute Goal – Benfica vs. Chelsea! Euro League Final 2013

  1. Lionel Messi says:

    This header went like 2mph

  2. Team Channel says:

    majku ti jebem IVANOVIC FUCK SERBIA

  3. marko polo polo says:

    this man is the quiet achiever with a modest yet powerful style…. he is a

  4. ROLLS REUS says:

    who came here because of gonth

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo says:


  6. sam cohen says:

    Chelsea have such shit fans

  7. fluxe gamer says:

    i hate ivanovic (i am portuguese and my club is benfica) 

  8. FCBDominik says:

    Wie kann man nur zweimal hintereinander so unverdient einen Pokal

  9. TriangleDubstep says:

    one of the best headers i´vr ever seen..

  10. Nikola241 says:

    Thats how SERBIAN gets the job done!!

  11. snorlaxpulls says:

    Unfair, Benfica dominated the game everytime, chelsea has 2 chances and
    scores 2 goals, robbed us in the champions league and wins because of luck
    agaisnt us in europa league.That is so fucked up

  12. sportsfan117 says:


  13. Daniel McGarrie says:


  14. James Ofomah-Parry says:

    all i took from that was drogba i love chelsea <3

  15. timoouable says:


  16. Jack Ladbrook says:

    Great memories, im watching from Gonth s channel

  17. Teh NoVa says:

    GONTH <3

  18. Cluno says:


  19. Stephen Bradley says:

    I’m A Chelsea Fan But I Have to Say

  20. Hakan11 says:


  21. Tyler James says:

    Dearest Players?

  22. zzzPanoramic vidzzz says:

    gonth army

  23. EMII RODRIGUEZ says:

    GONTH the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Gualberto Gonzalez says:


  25. lewis carlo says:


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