Ashley Barnes Horrible Tackles on Branislav Ivanović & Nemanja Matić – Blind Refree 21/02/2015 HD

Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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16 Responses to Ashley Barnes Horrible Tackles on Branislav Ivanović & Nemanja Matić – Blind Refree 21/02/2015 HD

  1. vhprecords says:

    Ashley Barnes is not a footballer but a thug. He and his horrible team will
    rightfully be relegated back to the Championship and hopefully down even
    further. I am a Utd fan but this is not football but violent assault on a
    player. He deliberately “did” him and it wasn’t his first offence in that
    game. Despicable human being!

  2. Zdeněk Č says:

    fuck FA

  3. LiverpoolFC YNWA says:

    I really hate chelsea but wow they got fucked over sideways really hard 

  4. Jason Yip says:

    The 69 min incident… the commentator says, “poor challenge by Barnes”.
    But Barnes wasn’t challenging for the ball, he was holding the ball and
    then trying (unsuccessfully) to pass to a teammate. It’s Matic who
    challenged for the ball… successfully too.

  5. realniggah94 says:

    blind refree indeed…why did ivanovic is shown yellow card?

  6. Manutd1357 says:

    What on earth was that noise when Ivanovic was tackled? Surely it didn’t
    come from him

  7. Nat Rea says:

    Barnes really just doesn’t like Serbians 

  8. asgmar12 says:

    Mourinho’s reaction to Jon Obi Mikel’s tackle on Mikel Arteta in 2013 game
    – a tackle that was very similar to Barnes’ on Matic.
    Mourinho told Arsenal to ‘stop crying’ about the tackle, and said ‘it’s a
    man’s game, that’s why I love English players.’

  9. Bryan Chiu says:

    How can the refree didn’t book barnes for the tackles?How can FA own a
    refree like this?

  10. Paul Cavanagh says:

    What tackle? I fail to see anything wrong here. Unfortunate collision there
    as Barnes is playing a pass, Matic runs in from the side and intercepts the
    pass and makes contact with Barne’s foot that was playing the ball

  11. Magnus Sorensen says:

    Barnes deserved it! He is such a cunt, and so is the ref for not sending
    him off!

  12. aaron thomas says:

    That is unbelievable! Barnes doesn’t get called for either Red card
    offense. Worst referee performance EVER!!!

  13. Paul Cassidy says:

    How can Barnes be making a challenge when he has the ball?

  14. Vladimir Golubovic says:

    Ivanovic,Matic coincidence?

  15. GonzoGenius says:

    LOL Wow

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